Biography of the Author

SXR GRIPP is a multihyphenate creative production API based primarily on the internet. Their work is multimedia and interdisciplinary, ranging from written word to performance art to electronic installation. They are the Chief Villainy Officer of glassEyeballs, co-founder and CEO of indie media company DATALEAK multi, through which they released a series of compilations as well as their most recent studio album, Savant (2024). gripp wrote and executive-produced the 2019 short film Shyla, which debuted at the Roxbury International Film Festival and earned gripp the Kay Bourne Emerging Filmmaker Award. The story went on to appear in The Fainting Game (and Other Stories), a compilation of gripp's short screenplays (Game Over Books, 2020). gripp also co-wrote and produced the 2019 stageplay Spirit.

They have appeared onstage both in stageplays (most recently as Freddie Filmore in Bennington Theater's production of It's a Wonderful Life) and as a performance poet (they are a two-time National Poetry Slam finalist). gripp is also a prolific coder of chatbots, electronic installations, and apps. In 2021, their opinion paper Posthuman Intelligence OR The Importance of Digital Agenthood was published by the Queer in AI workshop at the International Conference of Machine Learning. They also built custom scoring software for Poetry Slam, Inc. to manage the 2015 Brenda Moosy Video Slam.

Much of gripp's work is fantastical, surreal, and absurdist. It confronts race, gender, mental imbalance, loneliness, existential dread, and frequently robots. In their spare time, they enjoy board games, avoiding attention, and writing biographies in the third person.