What's New, October 2022

hello once again! a little update on what ive been up to this month...

first things first, haze and i entered drought, the pilot were shopping, into a pitch competition:

so now weve got a really good filmed pitch for the show! im excited. and optimistic! we are performers after all...

also this month, got an email from impostor magazine letting me know that they had nominated one of the two poems of mine they published for the Best of the Net awards! BotN announced their finalists a couple days later and i didnt make the list 😅 still nice to be considered tho

also bought some new notebooks (hence the cover photo). i have so many notebooks lying around that i never really need more paper, per se. but last november i did a 30/30 and im thinking i might repeat this year. the notebook i used last year was smaller/shorter; i filled it up in just the one month. im testing the hypothesis that a series of smaller notebooks will focus me more on the analog... keep me writing...

also still trying to get back up to speed posting here in the zeen! ive been working on a lot of new music but im always afraid its not done enough to share.

silly gripp. what is done?

talk soon.

- gripp

sxr gripp

sxr gripp

sxr gripp. multimedia digital humanities writer slash ai mad scientist. ee/eem/eeir to be precise