What's New, August 2023

Hey there! Just wanted to check back in and give you some updates.

The biggest news is that I've been dipping my toe back into live performances. I did a show in New York before I left in 2020 then took a very long break (driven in no small part by COVID-19). But this year I've already been onstage three times! You may recall that I popped up at the House Sessions open mic earlier this year. They invited me back to do a more formal set, which went down this weekend. No pictures have surfaced yet, but I did take this selfie before the show.

I also did a 45-minute set in June at my local Pride festival. Fun!

DATALEAK i is almost two months old now. Really excited to have some music back on streaming services and there's plenty more to come! I've been working on some remastered mixes of the DLi songs as well as preparing DATALEAK ii for later this year and a new solo release for... sometime thereafter.

On a less commercial note, I've been learning about maintenance of all my new string insturments! This month I made a video restringing a left-handed bass. Next I'm gonna try to lower the action...

That's all for now, but stay tuned for more updates!


- gripp

sxr gripp

sxr gripp

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