What's New, September 2023

Hello once again!

It's done! This week I delivered DATALEAK ii to streaming services!

Three new tracks will be live for your listening pleasure on 2023.09.26:

  1. Feral on the Full Moon x Goddess Hottest Chocolit
  2. Sugar Sugar x curveBREAKERS (feat. Nkiruka J)
  3. Waltz of the Barnyard Pixies x sxr gripp

That last one is still me, by the way. I decided to add an honorific to make myself a little easier to find on streaming services.

On a separate note, I wanted to share some videos of my last performance that I stumbled across on social media. A little sneak preview of some as-yet unreleased tracks 🙃


Back soon with more updates! Thanks for rocking with me!


- gripp

marshall (gripp) gillson. multimedia digital humanities writer slash ai mad scientist. ee/eem/eeir