What's New, February 2024

Hello again!

First things first... DATALEAK iii came out! Our three newest records are now available to stream and download on your favorite digital music service.

Excited to be back to my spoken word roots and producing music around poems was a fun new experience. Enjoy!

Also this month, I finished reading my first book of the year: Debt x David Graeber. It took me the entirety of January and part of February; it's long and dense and very, very good. The author was one of the original organizers of Occupy Wall Street. The book is thus filled with economic and anthropological insights about the nature of credit and debt and what we owe one another. Among them: debt and credit precede not only printed money but coins, with bullion money generally instituted as a mechanism for funding war. The last couple of chapters talk about how capitalism forecloses on our radical imagination, dismissing the world's long history of other systems of organization. That all being said, the book is pretty optimistic. The historical record supports dreaming. Anyway, highly recommend!

Next up, I started Arousal x Michael J. Bader. Only a chapter in so far, but book report coming soon. Maybe? Definitely more music.


- gripp

sxr gripp

sxr gripp

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