What's New, June 2021

hey again! back to keep you posted on my art. heres some new stuff to check out.

back in march, i recorded an interview with network isa, the developmental agency i worked with to stage the table read of the offbeat pilot. they posted some excerpts of it to youtube. check it out!
i made two new posts here in the zeen. the first one is love has been absent (and it cannot be an oversight), the last poem i wrote in 2020. the other is free, a freestyle i recorded over the beat to nas' 2nd childhood.

june is going to be fun here at the zeen. im gonna release the album ive been working on for the last few months. heres the album art:

and as always, feel free to hit me up on twitter or instagram with thoughts or suggestions. peace.


sxr gripp

sxr gripp

sxr gripp. multimedia digital humanities writer slash ai mad scientist. ee/eem/eeir to be precise