What's New, August 2021

this year is soaring by! i can hardly believe its august already. but it is! i kept it rolling in july with a show at the online port veritas poetry show (@pvslam). i piloted a bunch of broadcasting / production strategies that i think will make their way into some recordings. actually, recording a set is one of my art goals this month.

my very first academic publication also came out in july. i wrote a paper titled posthuman intelligence OR the importance of digital agenthood and the queer in ai workshop at the international conference on machine learning accepted and published it! the paper comes after leading a semester of discussions on digital media via construct college of creative pedagogy.

the zeen also got two new posts in july. first, i posted my last mixtape, flexn. incidentally, i also removed it from soundcloud—the zeen is now the only place you can find it. second, i posted a poem from my archives called on the night of the alien invasion, i am not invited to the party.

earlier this year, i released a book and an album: the fainting game (and other stories) and eternalist, respectively. theyre both still available if you havent checked them out yet. you can order the book from the publisher, game over. the album, meanwhile is completely free here in the zeen.

ive been scheming ways to make the zeen a little interactive, but in the meantime you can catch me on twitter @glasseyeballs or just shoot me an email. til next month ✌🏽


sxr gripp

sxr gripp

sxr gripp. multimedia digital humanities writer slash ai mad scientist. ee/eem/eeir